“This is a remarkable book.  If there is another even remotely similar, I have not seen it.  It speaks to a largely untouched area in our society and represents the happy and significant fact that God has left no venue in our world without a witness of His cosmic plan, His Eternal Kingdom.  Thanks Matt for your strange and remarkable “hobby”, for your wonderful understanding of the whole, big story of God and human redemption and, most of all, for you willingness to put it in print for all of us.”
Jack Taylor
Author, Christian Leader & President of Dimensions Ministries
Melbourne, Florida

Unlocking the Heart of the Artist is a must read for those who have had their creativity blocked or dormant as well as those wanting to take the next step in advancing His Kingdom through their own creative expression.  As one who leads prophetic art and creativity   seminars,  I will be encouraging my students to devour every morsel of this amazing book! ”
Janice VanCronkhite
Nationally Acclaimed Artist and Speaker

“I enjoyed reading Matt Tommeys book very much.  It was a joyful and humbling experience.Humbling because many of the ideas and principles within are accurate reflections of my own thoughts regarding the artistic development of the church.  Joyful because it goes further than my own in terms of its potential to spur on the raising up of schools and fellowships of artists in the future.  The practical teaching  section towards the end of the book is especially worth study.

The Body of Christ is in desperate need of people who are gifted in prophetic administration, and it would seem that in Matt, we have someone whom God could use mightily in this area.  I heartily reccomend Matts book to all who are looking to improve their skills as artists, and to those who desire a deeper understanding of the power of creativity and those who are called to serve the Church in this way.
Dave Markee
Author, The Lost Glory
Senior Pastor, Folly’s End Church – UK

“Matt Tommey knows what makes us artists tick—our motivations, our fears, our aspirations, our sin natures, even our inner dialogue.  In short, Matt knows the heart of the artist.  And in his book, Unlocking the Heart, Matt gives us the tools and the insight to grow in the fullness of Christ that is intended for us as artists.

Grounded firmly in Scriptural truth, Unlocking the Heart begins with the calling and lineage of the Christian artist, moves through the issues of self-deception, self-worth and acceptance, and into finding one’s unique voice and calling of our creative expression.  Through it all, he gives a practical yet personal view of God’s heart.  And in the process, he encourages us to find ourselves—creative and complete—in the inspiration of God.”
Manuel Luz,
Creative Arts Pastor, Songwriter, and author of Imagine That: Discovering Your Unique Role as a Christian Artist

“Matt’s new book is an admirable call to artists to submit their creative lives to the Triune Creator who alone can unlock creative hearts.  The author and finisher of our faith desires full abandonment to His Word and His powerful Spirit. Matt encourages artists to glorify God in their work and be instruments to reveal His Kingdom. Thank you, Matt, for sharing your creative journey.”
G Carol Bomer
Internationally Acclaimed Painter
“In Unlocking the Heart of the Artist Matt takes us on an exhilarating journey in pursuit of wholeness and a renewed vision for artists of faith. I believe his  desire for communities of artists to be established for spirit, soul and craft development is inspired by the Holy Spirit, and a key to the coming New Renaissance in the arts.”
J. Scott McElroy
Author, Finding Divine Inspiration: Working with the Holy Spirit in Your Creativity
Founder, The New Renaissance Rising Arts Renewal Movement
“Matt is the real deal – investing his time and talents to develop both the artistry and character of those chosen by God to stir the hearts and souls of His family with their creations. This book gives a great framework and coherent information for anyone seeking to find balance between their creativity and the stability of their growing walk with God.”
Andy Reese
Author, Freedom Tools: For Overcoming Life’s Tough Problems
President, The Freedom Resource

“Unlocking the Heart of the Artist is a practical, detailed, and well rounded book which will help any artist find his Divine purpose and inspire them to excellence and joyful fulfillment. This book is pleasantly grounded with scripture. Matt Tommey did a unique job at connecting artistry with God’s mission and His kingdom work in the earth. Most books on music and artists take a secular, non-kingdom, view that is wrapped up in the culture of business and western-ism. Congratulations to Matt for this book that is a must read for those in creative arts.
LaMar Boschman
Author, Bible Teacher & Director of LaMarBoschman.com

“Unlocking the Heart of the Artist is to release within the creative self, the ability to receive and hear the whisper of God’s intent for your creativity. We “creative spirits” must come to consciously know we are who we are. I am me, but I am not mine…  You are who you are, but you are not yours…  My gifts are not mine. Your potentials are not yours. Only as we comprehend that all creativity flows through our spirit from the gentle Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth and is the only Source to show us creative things to come. We represent His creativity. Our art is not ours… It is only His.

Matt Tommey has had this insight revealed to him through his experiences and relationships. Herein are tools and information to experience this open portal. With these helps you will know the renewing flow of the Father’s authority and power. Your gift is there so He can and will work to build His Kingdom through you. Who is the Kingdom Builder? The one who loves the King. Will it be your Kingdom or His?

This book is a step… a huge step toward a godly lifestyle. These concepts are so carefully yet powerfully prepared. My life as an artist had missing, for most of my life, what is so simply and clearly stated here. Oh, if I had had these teachings earlier, how my values and potentials would have been so much more effective.

The youth of our world now have these insights and will receive the Holy Spirit’s data dumps and reveal His power through their art and shall cause all forms of creativity to establish His Kingdom on the earth as it is in Heaven.”
David Van Koevering
Writer, Speaker, Inventor
President, Elsewhen Research


“I am so pleased to endorse both this book and its author, Matt Tommey.  As an inner healer for 20+ years it warms my heart to find those who are vitally interested in healing the hearts of artists. As a group, artists are perhaps the greatest communicators of our time, and consequently among the most influential of our age. Unfortunately, it is because of the gifts they carry and that potential influence they are capable of in every element of society that the enemy has targeted them for some of the worst abuse imaginable. That abuse was not targeted at their ability, but their individual identity. It is our personal identity that determines what we do with our gifting, ability and talents. I am so grateful that someone has chosen to provide a resource assisting in that healing effort from a Godly perspective as a means of allowing the deposit of the glory of God in each of them to be fully revealed.”
Jim Banks, Founder/Director
House of Healing Ministries
Asheville, NC

“Written with the heart of a modern-day Asaph, Unlocking the Heart of the Artist beautifully displays the insight our Father has given Matt to the unique heart of the artist.  Matt provides pivotal keys to unlocking the doors many artisans have kept closed and hidden; many of which hold creativity not yet tapped into.  An excitement will be stirred in your spirit as you learn from Matt’s personal journey.  It makes you want to go deeper…to get close to God, hear His voice, and
dream with Him,
so you can prophecy through creativity and advance God’s Kingdom.”
Christie Wilson
Worship Pastor
Christian Heritage Church
Tallahassee, FL

“I think Matt wrote “Unlocking the Heart of the Artist” with you in mind. Whether you are looking for some insights for yourself or leading a small group of worshiping artists, I believe Matt’s desire is to help encourage, foster and facilitate a broad, strong and sound sense of artistic community.”

Jay Bryan Sandifer -The Worship Arts Involvement

“Wonderfully written, deep, thoughtful, challenging. This book will help you unlock your creative calling in ways you never thought possible. Matt Tommey is possibly the best Worship Leader you have yet gotten to know! You will be moved by this book!”
Gary Miller
Founder, WorshipMinistry.com
Worship Leader, Timberline Church
Fort Collins, CO

“Matt Tommey has written a powerful book that will impact and stir the hearts of creatives of all types.   In a disarmingly transparent style, Matt weaves his own story and lessons learned along the way into a solid biblical look at the calling of artists in the Kingdom. This book is a must read for those involved in leading creative arts ministries.  The thoughtful discussion questions included with each chapter make it a natural choice for a small group format.  I believe “Unlocking the Heart of the Artist” is part of a sovereign move of God to raise up musicians, painters, dancers, etc. to be a prophetic voice to the world.”
Diane Thiel
Vineyard Music Songwriter & Worship Pastor
Marietta Vineyard Church
Marietta, GA

“Matt nails it!  This is not just a book.  It’s a manual for a new generation of kingdom artist. Matt’s writing is honest, vulnerable and prophetic.  If you want to grow your influence as an artisan, read this book.”
Mark Nysewander
Teaching Pastor
RiverStone Church

“I can honestly say this work is extraordinary.  It is the most articulate work I have read that reveals a comprehensive  Biblical basis for artists to unashamedly pursue their powerful gift and calling, and when brought under the power of the Holy Spirit that gift can have a dramatic redemptive influence in lives and culture. It’s “The Purpose Driven Life” for artists. It reads with ease and the workbook format makes its implementation  all the more do-able.

Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts has witnessed the very thing of which you speak as we have traveled with the “Let There Be Light” exhibit in major cities in the last three years, bringing redemption for the lost and new hope for  the Believer. I would
encourage every artist who desires to be a vessel most “useful to the Master” to read your book.  Well done!”
Jeanne Randall, President
Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation

“As a church planter focusing on reaching creatives for Christ, I’m constantly looking for high quality resources that will help us disciple our community of artists.  Unlocking the Heart of the Artist is a great tool for us!  Matt Tommey has captured the essence of what we struggle with as creative Christ followers.  Thank you Matt!”
Kerry Jackson
Lead Church Planter
Bezalel Church, Atlanta, GA

“With ‘Unlocking The Heart of the Artist,’ author Matt Tommey offers artists of all types a map for a journey that some may not even realize they need to take; a journey that leads to a destination that none of them would not want to miss. It is a must-read for any creative type who desires to realize his or her full creative potential.”
Cathy Little
Founder, Simply-Worship.org
Marietta, GA

“I have known Matt for a long time.  We first met when he was a student at The University of Georgia where I was a campus minister.  I knew the first time I heard him play and sing that Matt had a special talent.  His voice and his passion really had the ability to capture a room.  Even as a twenty year old college student, he stood out.  That was almost twenty years ago.  The thing I have really come to appreciate most about Matt Tommey as I have gotten to know him, is his heart.  It’s not his heart for music or even his heart for worship that makes him special.  It’s his heart for Jesus.  Matt is desperate for the presence of our God.  And the Lord has gifted him with a special ability to take others with him into that special place.

In Unlocking the Heart of the Artist Matt articulates clearly that all who want to make this journey are invited.  Thank you Matt for a much needed glimpse into the heart of the artist.  Keep dreaming!  The best is yet to come.”
Tom Tanner, Lead Pastor
Riverstone Church
Kennesaw, GA

After Israel left Egypt, God unlocked the hearts of two artisans, Bezalel and Oholiab, and then instructed Moses to entrust them with the design and construction of the Tabernacle. Today, God has unlocked the hearts of countless artisans and has instructed Matt Tommey to sound His clarion call: “Artisan. Be loosed into your creative calling in God’s Kingdom!”

As an artist himself, Matt has a keen understanding of the woundedness of most creative people. This book not only highlights the call of God on His creative ones, but also dispenses a healing balm that is vital in order for artists to operate effectively in His Kingdom.”

Sam Fine, Senior Pastor
King of Glory Christian Church
Swannanoa, North Carolina


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